Access control for residential complex entrances

Should your safety compromise your happiness? The obvious answer to this question is no, of course it shouldn’t. However living in South Africa we are unfortunately faced with crime and fear on a daily basis. The solution to this ever increasing problem is of course, security.

Fire detection and suppression for warehouses

Fire Detection and Suppression should be mandatory for all warehouses. Even if the contents of your warehouse are insured against fire and subsequent loss, the insurance may reimburse the loss of equipment and the building structure. But what about the loss of human life?

Let Limtech Provide You with Security Solutions During 2014

In South Africa, we are all extra cautious when it comes to security. We are aware of the ever-growing statistics of crime within our country and play our part to not become victims. Merely getting a boerboel watchdog isn’t enough. In order to keep not only your valuables safe, but your loved ones too, opt for a security solution that works best for either your home or your office. At Limtech we offer state-of-the-art security solutions for all.

Fire Detection and Gas Suppression

Fire detection is definitely a vital part of a business. It is imperative that companies protect their property, in all aspects. Losing any property or assets can severely cripple a company. Fires pose a great threat to all companies.