Additional Security


  • DSC, IDS and Paradox Security Alarm System – 8 to 64 Zones
  • LED and LCD Keypad Display options
  • Indoor / Outdoor Passives
  • Perimeter Protection Beams
  • Emergency Panic and Strobe Warnin
  • Interface to Reaction Response
  • SMS Alert Response function
  • Remote arm/disarm functionality
  • Multiple Partition Support

Access Control Security

  • Digipad Pin Code Access Control – up to 1000 user codes
  • Magnetic Locks – 150kg (medium duty) + 300kg (heavy duty)
  • Door Closer – heavy duty and medium duty options
  • Electronic Strike Locks
  • Emergency Break Glass / Call Points
  • Keyswitch Overrides
electronic mag lock

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Intercoms systems can increase security measurements around your business or home. If you are looking for a superior audio or video intercom system, Limtech has the right security solution for you. By using Limtech’s intercom systems, screening unwanted visitors is an easy task and one that eliminates the threat of close contact.
Intercom Features
  • Commax and BPT Intercom Solutions
  • 1:1 and 1:Many Gate Station to Handset Solutions
  • Audio and Video Intercoms   Read more:

Automated Gate Motors

Limtech offers quality access security products for both industrial and personal use. With the state of security being a massive problem in South Africa, automated gate motors have become a necessity in securing our homes.The gate motors are sliding or swing gate controlled and are powered by high torque motors.
Automated Gate Motor Features
  • D3, D5 and Vector Gate Motor Kits with Steel / RAZ Rack
  • A10 and Hansa heavy duty industrial motors
  • 12V, 24V and 220V options
  • Battery backup supplies for power outage
  • Swing and Slide Gate options
  • Remote Control and Receivers
a10 gate motor
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