Residential Communal Estates and Complexes

Controlled entrance points is of the highest priority for security at residential complexes and estates. Limtech manages electronic security solutions at over 30 Residential Estates. We provide a range of access control solutions to residential estates, including Barrier Control with Automated Vehicle Booms and Pedestrian Turnstiles with Fingerprint / RFID Card Solutions. GSM SMS Visitor Solutions also offer convenient and secure solutions for managing estate access.

CCTV Surveillance systems cover Face and Lane Overview at entrance points, License Plate Recognition (LPR) with links to the SAPS database as well as Perimeter and Internal coverage of the Estate. License Plate, Drivers License and License Disk Scanning through GSM scanning technology are essential security processes for the control of residents, visitors and contractors. Gate Automation, Electric Fence, Guard Patrol and Alarm Panic Systems are essential add-ons to the complete security package offered for complexes and residential estates.

residential communal estates and complexes