Hotel Lock Management

Hotel Lock Management

Hotel Rooms each fitted with Smart Card Proximity/RFID Lock Solution, allowing for comprehensive access control and system management

The intelligent hotel lock system is specially designed to meet the needs of modern hotels, maximum security, individual style and low operation costs.

Over 2000 hotels have implemented this Adel Lock Solution worldwide

System Features

  • Lock hardware is made of cast steel, to create impact resistant ability.
  • 4-latch and one deadbolt mortise with unique anti-pick design and concealed high-security cylinder.
  • Stand-alone lock is powered by 4 standard AA alkaline batteries.
  • Low power consumption, high reliability and low maintenance costs help keep running costs low.
  • Wireless System I Standalone Lock – No wiring required, and locks are linked together through keycard operation.
  • Installation is simple and easy.
  • The lock memorizes the latest 864 access records, which can be retrieved anytime.
  • The lock’s auto-check function alerts users of abnormal operations and low batteries.
  • The onboard clock can be used to control access of both guests and staff for certain periods.
  • Top quality encryption cards are adopted to perform control functions and unlocking functions.
  • Lost keycards can be invalidated and disabled by simple card operations on the lock.
  • Accessories Include: Elevator Control, Energy Saver, Passage Lock, Bathroom Lock, Safe.

KeyCard Management

  • Keycards are grouped into 14 categories in a structure with 5 levels of clear defined access authority.
  • Hotel managers can modify card authority for each card according to actual needs.
  • The system is flexible, stable and easy to manage — minimum training is needed for responsible
    hotel staff.

Card Type

Card Type Function Holder
System card Initialize locks or set program card General manager
Program card Set important parameters Person in charge of software
Master card Opens all doors in the hotel General manager
Foreman card Open all the locks in certain zones Housekeeping manager
Lockout card Suspend a particular guest room Department manager
Floor card Open all doors on a certain floor Floor servant
Guest card Opens a guest room for valid time Guest
Inhibit card Clear guest’s information Floor servant
Maid card Open all doors in maid zone for valid time Cleaner
Emergency card Open all hotel locks for emergency Safety manager
Clock card Set or calibrate the locks on board clock Person in charge of software
Query card Remove open records in the lock Safety manager
Spare card To perform the function of the guest card Guest

System Architecture

hotel card system 1

Software Management System

  • The lock management software is compatible with other hotel management systems and offers five interfaces for expansion or integration
  • Software types: Windows98/NT/2000/XP
  • Operator-friendly operation interface including detailed hints for every operation.
  • Detailed Stats Reporting querying the details for: issued cards and erased cards, room status and opening records.
  • Compatible System Upgrades and Self-maintenance function
hotel lock screenshot1 1
hotel lock screenshot2

Software Management System

  • System parameter set up, encoder set up etc.
  • System operators are set by the hotel management
  • Date record for system users
  • Room type management and hierarchy separation of hotel rooms
  • Check rooms status function
  • Locking system for assigned rooms
  • Enquiry function
  • Gate management and Spare cards function
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