A continuous increase in business-related crime poses a serious threat to the loss of valuable assets, punching holes in your pocket and productivity levels. CCTV cameras provide cost-effective security solutions that can be tailored around any company’s size and business type.  Surveillance solutions also enable businesses to monitor staff movement and encourage higher levels of efficiency within the workforce.


Deter potential intruders and safeguard your valuables by taking a proactive approach.


Business robberies in South Africa have been on the rise for the past eight years. In the 2013/2014 crime statistics released by SAPS, business related crime saw an increase of 13.7% over this period. On average 202 businesses were burgled every day. This is a big motivator for many companies to increase security and find smarter ways of safeguarding their valuable assets.

CCTV cameras set up in strategic places can offer a complete view of your business premises – keeping an eye on potential intruders and your staff. With offsite monitoring applications, you can keep an eye on things even when you are not at the office. Web consoles that allow authorised individuals to access the system from any online device, gives flexibility in ensuring your premises are kept safe around the clock.

Spotting a potential threat can help improve security services’ response time to a potential burglary, minimising the loss of property. Also, capturing and storing recorded footage provides reference footage that can be used to resolve incidents that occur on your premises.


Continuous surveillance can lead to a more productive and better managed workforce.


In big businesses, where hundreds of people move around on a daily basis, CCTV cameras help you determine whether your employees are actually doing their jobs. Knowing how and where your workforce utilises its time allows for smarter staff scheduling and reducing excessive labour costs. The same goes for determining staff incentives such as performance-based bonuses and calculating the hours worked by an employee to determine wages owed or overtime due.

Video recordings of staff committing fireable offences can help to support your case should employees appeal their dismissals in the labour court, saving on potential legal costs and arbitration award payouts.


CCTV cameras help to reduce the cost of insurance


Incorporating CCTV cameras with your existing security system will improve your insurance risk profile. When your business is seen as less of a crime target you will save money on your monthly premium.

In the event of a break in and subsequent submission of a claim, CCTV footage acts as a form of proof for insurance assessors to process your pay out. Furthermore, having a video recording of every movement on your business premise helps protect against any unsubstantiated insurance claims submitted against you.

Safeguard your business assets and improve productivity of your workforce. Choose from our wide range of CCTV cameras and digital recording systems to help improve your business overall security.