Business robberies have continued to increase over the last eight years and according to the crime statistics released by SAPS last year, just over 200 businesses were burgled every day. Furthermore, according to a crime statistics factsheet by Africa Check, business robberies increased by 461% between 2004/05 and 2013/14. When drawing up your corporate security plan, the essentials like security gates, burglar bars, alarm systems and security beams will most likely be your first port of call. Unfortunately, there are a few loopholes that are usually left unplugged, leaving your business exposed to certain security vulnerabilities. While it’s near impossible to completely prevent a robbery or an intrusion from taking place, implementing smart corporate security measures can make it harder for criminals to access your valuable assets. Key to preventing unwanted intrusions is to deter potential criminals from acting by making your security apparatus as visible as possible.

Let the machine stand guard.

Manned security is still generally used by businesses to help safeguard their property, but with the development of corporate security technology, issues related to managing security personnel is becoming a thing of the past. Human factors like absenteeism, laziness, carelessness or even corruption can severely compromise security, leaving your business with a false sense of safety. On the other hand, installing a biometric access control system requires a once-off investment in hardware and software which generally pays for itself within the first year of implementation. Biometric access control systems provide a barrier that shields you from break-ins and deterring opportunistic crime while at the same time securing areas within the building.

Improve internal safety and access control with biometrics.

Implementing internal security measures is just as important as deterring external elements from intruding. Untrustworthy employees can pose a serious risk to your human resources and other assets, and according to a PriceWaterHouseCooper information security survey, respondents identified employees as one of the top security threats. Fingerprint access control is one of the most secure systems to help track and manage the movement of your workforce. Installing fingerprint scanners at strategic points in and around your property restricts access to areas containing valuable assets, effectively eliminating the need to deploy security guards. Furthermore, biometric access control can be integrated with your payroll system to help simplify administration and accurately determine overtime and hours worked. In terms of staff productivity, biometrics allows you to accurately measure individual and collective staff performance and output and address areas of concern as you identify them.

Keep the server room safe.

The server room is arguably one of the most important areas of any business and it’s crucial that adequate control is in place in terms of access to it. Securing and restricting access to this area should be at the top of your corporate security list. Too often this is not the case with unauthorised personnel and other visitors able to enter the server room without much effort. This poses a serious threat to you information assets and if left unchecked, can take your business out at the knees. Assigning a dedicated security guard to every critical room in your business simply doesn’t make practical – of fiscal – sense. A guard will inevitably need use the restroom, eat and could possibly get distracted or lured away. Securing the server room with a fingerprint controlled lock greatly reduces the risk of unauthorised personnel accessing the area as the area is virtually guarded 24/7. Get peace of mind and enhance your corporate security with our range of biometric access control systems and locks.

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