Keeping tabs on your employees is not only a daunting task, but a costly one too. Electronic time attendance systems can go a long way in ridding you of drab administration tasks. In addition, they can save you costs on managing your workforce. If you are not getting the best return on investment from your employees, it’s time to relook at how you manage their time.


1. Time attendance systems give you control over staff, helping to increase productivity and ultimately, ROI.


Comprehensive time attendance systems are one of the best ways to manage your workforce and get the most out of your investment in them. Access control immediately eliminates ‘buddy punching’ and helps to monitor whether people are putting the time and effort in to warrant their salaries.

Time attendance systems also allow you to keep a close eye on latecomers, early-leavers and task avoiders. This, in return, will help you to measure productivity and determine whether someone is an asset or adding to your business losses – letting you bet on the best horse, so to speak.

Time attendance systems are especially useful when evaluating your staff’s performance. Investing in someone who is not putting in the hours is simply not worth your effort.


2. Implementing time attendance systems can help reduce administration costs and prevent you from paying for hours that were never logged.


Once installed and programmed, time attendance systems require no additional costs except for maintenance. Depending on the size of your business, the reduction in paperwork and other administrative duties to manage staff could mean that you have one less salary to pay.

Human resources can also use time attendance systems to monitor who has extra time on their hands to take on additional tasks – improving the overall productivity of your business. Data collected from biometric time attendance systems go a long way in assisting with payroll.

Not only does this help to eliminate human error, but also gives you access to accurate reports on how many hours each employee has worked. Employees can’t add a sneaky hour here and there, while in return, they are also guaranteed of the correct pay for any overtime.


3. The more secure your office is, the less likely you are to suffer losses due to break-ins.


Securing the entrance of your office with a biometric access control system acts as yet another barrier to protect you from break-ins and opportunistic crime, preventing unnecessary losses. Access control also eliminates the need for additional security services or hiring a security guard – another salary you don’t have to pay.

Further restricting visitor’s access to areas or the use of devices in your office can also help prevent theft or damage to sensitive and costly equipment. Using biometric access control on office devices, like the printer, enables you to monitor each person’s daily paper limit – another way smart technology can help you save money.

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