It really is remarkable how modern communication technology is changing the way we do things. Information technology features in so many of our day to day tasks that it comes as no surprise that we have found ways in-which to use our mobile phones to secure our premises and manage employees. SMS Alert Technology takes us one step closer to realising the ideal of “smart buildings” in which all electronic implements are controlled remotely by a single device.

It has become critically important to ensure that your business is secure and running smoothly at all times, especially with today’s ever increasing need for managers and executives to be mobile and not office bound, while still in control of their staff and business operations.

Having an alarm, access control system and security guards on site goes a long way towards protecting the building from intruders but does not account for the various other perils which you as a business owner may be faced with. Entry onto your premises by unauthorised persons could mean a loss of equipment, information and other critical business resources. However, these assets could be as much at risk due to internal hazards as they are to external forces.

SMS Alert Technology has been developed to connect to existing Access Control Systems, Alarm Systems or other equipment that needs to be monitored and controlled. They notify you instantly if the inputs are triggered by sending an SMS or missed call to your phone. As it is bi-directional, you can also send the unit SMS messages and control remote systems. The input strings and phone numbers of the users are programmable by the user.

Similarly, staff movements can be monitored intelligently using SMS notification. SMS Alert Software in conjunction with access control and time and attendance systems is used to notify managers about employee late arrivals and early departures.

Take for example your computer server room in-which low temperatures need to be maintained to ensure the safety of the data. Should there be a fault with your electrical system will your building go to auxiliary power and if so how long will that last? Computer server room air conditioning is just one example of the many systems which need to be monitored 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week.

Other systems which could benefit from integration with SMS Alert Technology include: motion detection, temperature monitoring, voltage monitoring, opening of electric gates, steamer room control & monitoring, water pump control and monitoring, air conditioning monitoring and control, access control and monitoring as well as electric fence zone monitoring.

These subtle changes to the internal environment are often not detected by security personnel. Depending on your operational requirements it helps to have a notification system which integrates with your existing systems to monitor the environment and serve as an early warning system that something has gone wrong at your premises.

Careful monitoring of the internal environmental conditions of the business premises reduces the risk of loss or damage to property. The monthly cost of physical security is often reduced after the installation of SMS Technology whilst having timely knowledge as to staff absence allows you to manage efficiencies and improve labour relations.



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