PC Security

UrU PC Security

Biometric PC Security offers the user fingerprint protection of confidential information on standalone computers through to extensive network setups.

UrU Features
  • Protect your applications, email, files and web site passwords from prying eyes
  • Replace passwords for windows and web sites with the touch of your finger.
  • Never log off; switch to your protected windows account in seconds.
  • Encrypt and lock files with your fingerprint.

UrU Pro

The UrU Pro fingerprint recognition system for  networks is the new way to authenticate users over a network. UrU streamlines the process of managing user credentials, and makes authentication convenient and secure for the end user as never before. UrU Pro includes the award-winning UrU4000 sensor with USB connector, the fingerprint recognition engine, the UrU Pro application suite for client systems, and powerful administration tools.

U.are.U Fingerprint Keyboard

The UrU Fingerprint Keyboard is a Windows-compatible 104-key keyboard with a built-in UrU Fingerprint Sensor. This keyboard is ideal for networked office environments and e-commerce applications where the convenience and security of fingerprint authentication is required.

U.are.U System Integrators

The U.are.U Fingerprint Reader is a USB device, built on the latest optical fingerprint reader technology. Its compact and attractivedesign is ideal for enterprises. Allows developers to physically integratea fingerprint reader into custom hardware.

The U.are.U 4000B Fingerprint Module isdesigned for integration into OEM equipment where fingerprint authentication is needed. Developers can physically integrate a fingerprint reader into their custom appliance.

The UrU Fingerprint Keyboard comes bundled with the UrU Pro Workstation fingerprint security system or UrU Integrator software.

System Developers

The SDK can be used to develop custom applications for a wide variety of security use related to PC or client/server access. Basically any application that runs on a PC or is controlled by a PC that needs user authentication can use the UrU SDK.

Gold SDK

The DLL Software Development Kit (SDK) enables developers to add the power of fingerprint authentication security to their windows applications. The toolkit includes header files that define the API, sample code for visual c++ 6.0, and the fingerprint recognition engine runtime. For customers who use Visual Basic to develop programs it will be necessary to use our Dcom SDK or to wire a wrapper to package our DLL for their use.

Platinum SDK

The Dcom Software Development Kit (SDK) enables developers to add the power of fingerprint authentication security to their networked applications. This powerful, multi-layered toolkit provides a set of Dcom objects that enable developers to access all the functionality of the system in a very flexible way. The toolkit includes the device component, the engine component, the high level functions and the database component. The toolkit’s security layer is completely transparent to the application developer. The toolkit uses PKI based on x.509 certificates both to set up trust relationships among all the systems in the domain and to ensure full data integrity.

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