Fingerprint identification for access control:

  • Authentic Verification of AccessStandalone Fingerprint Access Control SystemUnlimited No. of Users
  • Restricted Access to Certain Areas within Certain Times
  • 1:1 or 1:N Verification
  • Customised Software Solutions to fit your Profile

BioAccess Features:

  • Each standalone sensor stores 2047 users x 2 fingerprints each
  • On-board data logs – 3328 entries, expandable to 15 000
  • Advanced, minutiae-based matching algorithm is internationally renowned
  • Remote firmware upgrades with network broadcast mode available
  • TCPIP available with complete network functionality
  • Keypad and fingerprint option available for enhanced security

BioAccess Technical System Specifications:

  • Optical fingerprint camera with high resolution (500dpi)
  • High performance DSP chip with 80 Mhz, 32 bit RISC CPU
  • Low false acceptance rates (FAR) – 1/100 000 to 1/10000000
  • Environmental operating temperatures: 0°C to 50°C
  • Power supply requirements – 30V max, 24V 150mA, 12V 300mA
  • Standard memory for logging 128K (128K optional extended memory)
  • RS485 Interface allowing km’s of network
  • Audible responses through standard piezo-electric buzzer
  • Supports 26, 32, & 34 bit wiegand formats

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