Fingerprint lock combination for access control:

Fingerprint Access Control

  • Authentic Verification for Secure Fingerprint Access Control

  • Unlocking with Fingerprint, Pin Code or Mechanical Key Override

  • High Quality Integrated Steel with Secure 5-Lever Mortise

  • No External Power or Software Required

  • For Use in Homes, Complexes, Offices, Store Rooms and Stock Rooms

  • Unique Programmable Codes for Administrator Function Control Ansi Mortise

  • Five-latch mortise, with deadbolt, anti-friction latch, motor-driven clutch

  • High quality moulded mortise components

  • Tri-dimensional design with flexible and smooth mechanism

  • Deadbolt enhanced by 2-tungsten stick

  • Anti-friction latch to prevent illegal unlocking

Biolock Smart Access

Unlocking BioLock

  • Fingerprint, pin code or mechanical key override

  • 138 Fingerprints can be stored on each fingerprint lock

  • No external wiring, external power or software required.

  • Operates on 4 AA standard alkaline batteries lasting 12 months or 15 000 transactions

  • Warning indication when battery life is low – 20-30 transactions remaining

  • Concealed mechanical key override for emergency door opening

  • Single-lever up to 5-lever mortise locks available

  • PCB assembly is sealed with epoxy, preventing any oscillating, moisture corrosion or loosening

  • High quality – advanced cast steel integrative structure with no rivet or plastic components

  • Available in stainless steel finish, chrome or polished brass

  • Pin code functions include: wake-up unit, fingerprint enrollment, fingerprint delete, modify pin codes, unlock with pin code, introduce free access passage mode.

Technical system specifications

  • Image capture time: <1 second

  • Verification time: <1 second

  • Optical fingerprint scanning technology

  • Low False Acceptance Rates (FRR): <0.0001 %

  • Low False Rejection Rates (FFR): <1 %

  • Allowable fingerprint rotation: 45°

  • Templates stored with 128-bit encryption technology

  • Operating temperature: -8°C – 45°C

  • Operating humidity: 10% – 90%, non- condense

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