Barrier Equipment

The Turnstiles and Vehicle Barriers are 100% locally designed & manufactured in South Africa. Both are designed to handle high volumes of traffic and are 100% duty rated. The turnstiles and vehicle Barriers can interface with any biometric reader system or any other card reader system. All the electronic equipment is manufactured to ISO 9002 standards and carries a 5-year mechanical parts warranty Products are supplied complete, ready to accept power and data connections and will operate with all access control and time & attendance systems. Each Mechanism is individually adjusted to deliver exceptional durability and ensure longer-lasting, problem-free operation.


A full range of full and half height turnstiles, uni-directional and bi-directional units.

Full Height Industrial Turnstiles

For industrial, robust environments.

Interface with all access, ticketing and T&A systems.

Full Height Features
  • 3, 4 and 5 arm turnstiles

  • Single and double models

  • Bi-directional for entry and exit / Uni-+ directional for entry or exit only

  • Single Reader turnstiles for tighter control

Full Height Double Turnstile - Barrier Control

Half Height + Waist Height Turnstiles

For environments that require aesthetically pleasing security solutions.

  • 4 arm turnstile

  • Single and double models

  • Bi-directional for entry and exit / Uni-directional for entry or exit only

  • Interfaces with all access systems

Waist height turnstile - Barrier Control

Turnstile Accessories

  • Coin and token acceptors

  • External Hood Mountings

  • Electronic counters to record entry and exit cycles

  • Random search modules for full height turnstiles

  • Ultrabrite Stop / Go LED displays

  • Battery back-up units

  • Restrictor bars for full height turnstiles – limits access to one person at a time


Vehicle Barriers

Vehicle Barriers range from 3m to 6m long units, with extruded aluminium tubing, powder coated in white with red reflective tape.

Vehicle barrier control

Vehicle Barriers & Auto Barriers

The Vehicle Barriers and booms range from 3m to 6m long units, with extruded aluminium tubing, powder coated in white with red reflective tape. These automotive booms are of industrial grade and include the following features and specifications

  • The boom arm has a unique break away mechanism which will sheer in case of accidental collision with the boom arm. The boom arm stays attached to the barrier but will swing away from traffic flow. This prevents damage to the barrier & boom arm.

  • Jack Knife kits are available for height restricted areas for up to 4.5m boom arms.

  • Left & right hand boom arm configurations are available.

  • Rubber buffers on the down position eliminate bouncing.

  • 60W-80W 220V AC 50Hz motor gearbox. 100% duty cycle. Instant reverse torque-drive motor.

  • The boom opens to 85 degrees on power failure.

  • The cabinet is an IP54 enclosure, all-weather and lockable. 1.6mm mild steel, 1.6mm 3CR12 Stainless steel or 304/316 brushed stainless steel.

  • Cabinets are powder coated in red & white, but any other RAL colours are available on request.

  • Operating speeds are 1-6 seconds from horizontal to vertical position, depending on boom length.

  • White powder coated control panels are used to house electronics.

  • Large lockable hinged door for easy access.

Spike Barrier

Vehicle Barrier Accessories

  • Gooseneck stands

  • External Hood Mountings

  • Barrier-arm impact release mechanisms

  • Free-exit loops

  • Remote controls – transmitter & receiver

  • Traffic Robots

  • Spike Mechanisms

Barrier Control System
Waist Barrier Turnstile, Full Height Turnstile, Vehicle Barrier control
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