Biometric Access control

Cutting-edge efficiency with futuristic biometric access control

Biometric technology has become one of the most secure and effective methods used to verify someone’s identity. The commercial development of the technology has seen the creation of biometric access control systems that have helped to improve staff management and movement within the office space. With biometric scanners already integrating with personal computing devices like…


Seartec Logo

Limtech Biometric Solutions partners with Seartec to bring clients additional value

As of March 2014, Seartec, the first and longest-running distributor of Sharp products in South Africa, acquired Limtech. This partnership represents an exciting opportunity for Limtech to expand their client base and offer Seartec’s considerable national footprint their wide range of security products and services. Limtech has worked consistently to bring cutting-edge technology solutions to…



Let Limtech Provide You with Security Solutions During 2014

In South Africa, we are all extra cautious when it comes to security. We are aware of the ever-growing statistics of crime within our country and play our part to not become victims. Merely getting a boerboel watchdog isn’t enough. In order to keep not only your valuables safe, but your loved ones too, opt for a security solution that works best for either your home or your office. At Limtech we offer state-of-the-art security solutions for all.